A new era of virtual events.

Turn your digital trade shows, events, and product demos into unique virtual experiences with high-quality leads generation. Wizitory is a class-leading platform that enables you to interact with your target audience in innovative ways – while providing you with comprehensive insights into visitor engagement. This is the future of online events.


Powerful back end

Easily facilitated from local to global scale. HTML-based platform, fully responsive. Seamless integration with best-in-class plugins and back end development.

Beautiful visitor experience

Intuitive interface, customizable to fit your brand profile. All environments are custom built in 3D. Run live product demos and visual presentations on video and in 3D.

Unlimited functionality

Accessible on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Over 300 advanced front end options. CMS to adjust content and language adaptations.

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Easy Process

Startup meet

Key features

50+ features & plugins, and still counting...

Clean code & Design

Our developer and design team work carefully and efficiently with your virtual experience.

Videos and Magazines

Stored locally or online, full support for all major video streaming services.


Wizitory allows you to track, analyze, measure and track what your visitors are doing.

Product presentation

Several flexible opportunities to present products, services and offers.

Flexible & Customizable

Choose from several of our proven virtual environments, or let our design team build a unique environment just for you.

3rd party add ons

Through our full support for 3rd party products, there are no limits to what your environment can contain.

Ready for Webinars

Live-stream webinars at a specific time, or offer pre-recorded videos, all accessible through the agenda.

CMS possibilities

Are you looking for a long-term flexible and scalable solution for your digital showroom, let us show our CMS.


Wizitory can be hosted wherever you want based on your needs, a traditional web server or cloud based.

Event agenda

Let your users see a tailored agenda tailored to their interests.

Open or closed platform?

Let your visitors register prior to their visit or leave the doors open for everyone. You decide.


Create a personalized experience for your visitors by presenting different content to different target groups.

Digital Briefcase

In Wizitory's digital briefcase, your users can store information in one place. They can return to the briefcase at any time, or email it to themselves.

E-Mail functionality

Do not let your visitors miss anything. Wizitory has built-in support for email reminders, thank you emails, etc.

Order Samples

Wizitory's built-in order form gives you the opportunity to offer, for example, ordering product samples.

Language support

Let your visitors share your information in their preferred language.

Accessibility Adapted

Users who need to navigate with a keyboard are not excluded. Wizitory is fully accessible for everyone.

Application integration

Easter eggs, games, or important information elsewhere? Let Wizitory's application integration help you.

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